Economic Views

Privatise Air India(AI), BSNL, Prasar Bharti, etc.

Why? AI loss for 2013-14 3,900 crore; BSNL loss 7,884 cr; Prasar Bharti (DD and AIR) accumulated losses Rs.13,556 cr.

Funds allocated for medical education and research 4,727 cr.

The politicians and bureaucrats have neither the skills, and nor is it required for them to run these and so many other non-essential businesses, and waste tax payer’s money. Governments should be focused on formulating policies, providing governance and concentrate on other important sectors, not on running businesses. The saved money can be used for other things like Education, Health, Environment, etc.

Economic Growth & Jobs

Per World Bank report India ranks 134th in ease of doing business, 179th in starting business. To kick start the economy and create jobs, we need Innovation and Enterprise. Entrepreneurship should be encouraged, doing businesses needs to be made simple. We need to simplify and reduce our taxes, make the taxation system uniform and remove special incentives or benefits, make doing business simpler. There are way too many regulatory bodies, and corrupt officers.


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