Environmental Views

Fresh Water Crisis

Many scholars say the future wars might not be fought over Oil or Mineral resources, but over Water. It is very important for us to preserve and fix our important fresh water resources the rivers, lakes and underground water. Whatever has been done so far in terms of cleaning, preserving them is just hogwash, our rivers and lakes are as dirty as ever, and the underground water is fast receding at many places. The large rivers should be Cleaned up on war footing, their banks improved, rain water harvesting should be made mandatory for large housing and industrial projects. Digging of deep bore wells should be discouraged.

Lethal Air Pollution

Globally 70 lakh people died in 2012 to air pollution, and increasingly larger number are suffering from allergies, heart diseases, etc. The Air which we breathe is increasingly becoming lethal and dangerous in many cities. Not only do we need to move forward in formulating stricter vehicular (Bharat Stage V, VI) and environmental pollution norms, we also need large scale Afforestation (more trees, no gardens please!). All major cities should have a dedicated forest area around them.


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